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Wreck Dive Training

‘Wreck & Technical Diver Training’

Written by Stephen Burton

 A nice relaxed 90m dive with good friend Mr Lars Steffensen and his very tastie 'Buddy Inspiration' closed Circuit rebreather

How to dive your favorite shipwreck and more importantly…

…How to return safely!

The wheel house of the old Vertical wreck at 45meters before she floated offeven Pattaya's Famous Go-Go bar Taihitian Queen II's dancers sucumb to the excitment of trying scuba diving. "Does this makes me look fat?" she asked. I think it looks just fine... 

Specialist gear and an experienced buddy for that serious dive.

A lovely Pattaya Go-go Dancer and a penetration dive to the wheelhouse and crew quarters of the X-Vertical Wreck at 50meters.
Both require ‘one’s gear off’ before the fun really starts.

For a specific wreck trip or technical diver training requirement please contact me here

Generic Wreck Diver Training Courses

Starting with ‘Open Water Diver ‘ training

through to…

Trimix Rebreather wreck penetration below 100meters/300ft.

  • Open Water Diver Course (Basic diver training)
  • Advanced Open Water Course (Deeper basic training)
  • Deep Diver Course (No Deco Air diving to 40m)
  • Basic Wreck Diver Course (Air, No deco, Non-penetration to 40m)
  • Nitrox Diver Course (Learn to use Nitrox <40% for longer NDL’s)
  • Advanced Nitrox Diver Course (Limited deco to 40meters, <50% for deco)
  • Technical Decompression Diving (Unlimited Deco to 50meters, Use Oxygen for Deco)
  • Advanced Wreck Diver Course (Mixed Gas, Full penetration, Unlimited Decompression)
  • Normoxic Trimix (60meters,20%Oxygen,25%Helium)
  • Hypoxic Trimix (100meters+ <20%Oxygen, >25%Helium)

“Formal diver training with plenty of real experience,

 diving a wide variety of challenging shipwrecks with experienced ‘expert’ buddies in different environments…

  is the key to staying alive while acquiring a safe diving attitude.” B2

All the training agencies listed on this page offer internationally recognized tech diver training

But some agencies technical diver training courses have simplistic course standards that result in very much more easier to accomplish tech diver certifications than others.

Is this what you want? – An easy or cheap course providing training in learning a safety critical skill set?
If you do… then quite simply you’re gonna die!

 I strongly suggest you ask around and stay well clear of any training agency, individual instructor, or dive shop offering you a cheap and easy route into tech diving.

Find the best local instructor offering the toughest course with no corners cut, the best equipment, the deepest and most challenging experience dives, taught rigorously according to the training agencies standards.

For one thing is sure about tech diver training…

 Cheap or Easy or Cutting Corners = DEATH

DSAT Diving Science and TechnologyInternational Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers
PADI The Professional Association of Diving InstructorsBSAC The British Sub Aqua ClubTechnical Diving International TDI
American Nitrox Divers InternationalNAUI National Association of Underwater Instructors

For the highest levels of technical diver training involving the breathing of Helium mixtures…
if you have to ask the tuition price, then you likely can’t afford it !

…and if you try to dive Trimix depths without Helium, then your untimely demise is ‘only a matter of time’

Roll the dice & make your choice…

Technical Diving Training Providers in Thailand

Leave a message here to list your tech diving operation on this page

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