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Written by Stephen Burton

Fancy commercial Diving in the Chao-Prayah River for US$25 per day swimming in shite...Bettter get used to using one of these. Honest!

“Amazing Thailand” locally made copy of the commercial divers favorite…

The KB-17(th century!!!) Hard Hat – as used ‘by the brave’ in Bangkok Sewers and the Chao Pryaa RIver

Chinese Made copy of US Navy MKV
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The Following items are activities are currently under investigation

  • Investigation into isobaric counter-diffusion for deep Trimix dives…Report issued Here
  • USS Lagarto submarine external mapping exercise…Report Issued Here
  • UXB locations and identification off Pattaya and Samaesan …Report Issued Here (1.5Mb)
  • Japanese Mystery Marus investigation…awaiting funding…in progress. Needs extra funding
  • SeaCrest Drill ship underwater mapping and  investigation…1st dives completed – awaiting extra unding
  • Pottery Wrecks, Gulf of Thailand (Bruce Konefe, Thai Antiquities Dept)…in progress
  • Inland Caves and the underwater cities of Thailand (Bruce Konefe, Steve Burton)…in progress
  • Mid Gulf Large Cargo Wrecks (Bruce Konefe)…in progress
  • Koh Tao ‘Far’ Far wrecks (Jamie McLeod project)…in progress
  • The Pattaya Pottery Wreck
  • The Jomtien Coin Wreck
  • Japan Cargo Wreck, Phuket at N07’48.661″ E098’14.416″
  • Ratcha Noi Barge, Phuket at N07’25.245″ E098′ 19.800″
  • Underwater Anomalies (Phuket) at N07’40” E098’30”, & N07’52” E098’10”
  • Re-Survey Mike Hatchers ‘Central Gulf of Thailand wreck’…in progress

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