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Dive Planning Heritage Corner


1995 >> ANDI Dive Planner – WINDOWS (474Kb)

1992 >> PROPLANNER – DOS (212Kb)

1991>> DCIEM Dive Planner DOS(189Kb)

Gap Dive Planner-old (5.1Mb)

DDPLAN (124kb)


The current up to date version of ProPlanner is available for purchase from

The current up to date version of ANDIDIVE is available for purchase from &

Screen Capture of the ANDI Diveplanner. Click for Hi-res 155KB

Dive Profile Analyzers

Is your decompression profile safe ?

Compare your deco profile against all man tested dive algorithms using the Combined Decompression Model CDM-18 Dive Profile Analyzer Information

Gas Blender Programs

Air-Nitrox-Trimix Gas Blender Analyzer 2005 (30Kb)As used in many dive shops for calculating Trimix, Nitrox and Heliox gas fill costs. Metric and Imperial readout.

Other Technical Diving Software Utilities

WXTIDE32 Worldwide Windows Tide Predictor Program(1.46Mb)

MV Plan (ZHL16b/c-based planner):

HLPlanner (VPM-B – based planner):

ISE Wetnotes (Gas blending):

Spare Air Ascent Calculator-MS-Excel spreadsheet (18.5Kb)

Draeger Rebreather Calculations MS-Excel Spreadsheet(20Kb)

Technical Dive Equipment Checklist -MS-Word (28Kb)

General Software Notes

Have fun with the above programs and utilities. Their use should all be self explanatory. If you don’t understand the usage of these type of programs or even how to even copy the install file from a CD to your hard drive & follow installation instructions…you’re in the wrong place, go out and buy the full versions with their idiot proof instructions, and particularly important, get some formal training in decompression diving and how to use a bloody computer. Additionally, some of these programs here are older buggier versions of proprietary programs still in existence costing US$100’s. Contact me for questions regarding the use of these programs for planning actual dives, or suggestions of new programs or utilities to write.

Safety Note

Deco Dive profiles produced by older decompression dive planning programs are considered quite aggressive by modern standards, especially if you don’t include ‘deep stops’ and sufficient safety margins. Read each program’s inbuilt documentation before planning actual dives with them.

You are highly recommended purchase the current up to date version of the respective programs from the web site links given above.

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