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2008 Huge Shipwreck ‘Sunshine 1’ discovered off Phuket, Thailand

Large Freighter

West coast of Phuket

Sunshine 1 freighterSunshine 1 freighterSunshine 1 freighter Found off Phuket - click for larger image. Courtesy of Big Blue Divers PhuketSunshine 1 freighter Found off Phuket - click for larger image. Courtesy of Big Blue Divers Phuket

More pictures – From Deep Blue Divers Phuket  click any image for a Hi-res photo

Identity confirmed 19th March 2008

Wreck Discovery Report

Following an intensive search for new wrecks in the Phuket area over the past few weeks, an expedition team from Deep Blue Divers, Joerg Zebisch, Barry Manners und Sven Roesler, located and dived today, the 24.10.06, on an approximately 130 metre long freighter lying at a depth of 90 metres.
The initial impressions gained from the dive suggest that it is probably a cargo freighter equipped with two loading cranes dating from the 1970’s. The condition of the ship is extraordinarily good and there is no evidence of coral or vegetation growth. The freighter lies on its starboard side with the bow pointing in a south-easterly direction.

During today’s dive we had generally very good visibility varying from 30 to 40 metres. Below the thermocline at 50 metres we encountered a very strong southerly current. The water temperature was 19°C. Above the thermocline we had perfect conditions for the decompression with no current and 28°C water temperature.

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