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Written by Stephen Burton

Shipwrecks in South East Asian Waters

The Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea contains many hundreds, possibly even thousands of un-explored shipwrecks dating back through thousands of years of world trade and two world wars as revealed by fishermen ‘net snag’ records in the region. Investigating these abnormalities on the seabed is a very expensive activity that requires both financial and logistical support from many interested individuals and associations to keep this essential research project alive. actively contacts veterans groups, government agencies and other personnel involved in categorizing online shipwreck information database resources with the latest information concerning shipwrecks discovered in Thai waters.

All information discovered during research activities is handled sensitively, especially regarding the discovery of vessels that sank with crewman on board, or vessels otherwise classified as war graves.

Additional ‘spin off’ research from investigating deep wreck and carrying out hundreds of Trimix decompression dives in Thai waters, has resulted in an entirely new CDM-18 decompression algorithm which has recently predicted the safe decompression profiles for both the world deepest every scuba dive to 313meters/1030ft and the deepest ever wreck dive to 193meters/633ft

Typical Costs and risks…

The historical investigation and physical location of lost shipwrecks is an incredibly time consuming, expensive and risky activity. It must be remembered that many of these wrecks have evaded precise location by technologically advanced western naval powers for more than 50 years. That many lost wrecks are coming to light in recent years is in no small amount due to the dogged persistence of enthusiast divers following up clues worthy of any Sherlock Holmes detective story… plus a lot of luck !

  • A Large Offshore Liveaboard dive boat necessary to reach many of the wrecks featured in cost approx US$1,000 per day to charter including fuel costs

  • A Sidescan sonar (an essential piece of shipwrecks location equipment) costs at least US$20,000 for the cheapest, most basic model.

  • Just the gas to carry out only one typical Open circuit Helium dive in the 80 meter range costs around US$200 per diver to execute.

  • A typical set of dive gear for a technical diver executing these kind of research dives costs approx US5,000 and needs replacing and servicing frequently. A decent underwater torch alone costs US$1,000, an underwater Trimix dive computer costs another US$1,000…and a tech diver usually carries two.

  • Training costs for a diver to reach Trimix decompression diver status starting from scratch can easily cost US$10,000-20,000 and take many years of hard work to accomplish.

  • After all this, Trimix decompression diving represents the most risky of all diving activities. even worse than helicopter flying, it is totally intolerant of any equipment malfunctions, gas switching mistakes, lack of depth control, and lack of dive discipline in any form. Then just for added double jeopardy, many divers complete the multi-hour decompression dive satisfactory, only to be ‘lost at sea’ if they surface too far from the dive vessel .

Making a Donation to support a specific project     –     Project list

Any donation to support the on going work into shipwreck exploration in this region is highly appreciated. You may make a small donation on-line using the secure PAYPAL system. A receipt for any diving gas purchased or other logistics involved will be mailed to you if required for tax purposes.

Alternatively for larger amounts to support a specific project that either yourself or your organization is interested in,  you may make a direct bank transfer by contacting me directly.

www.thaiwreckdiver.comis a non-commercial web site promoting all wreck diving activities in Thailand and South East Asia.

Deep ship wreck diving research, especially that which involves Helium based Trimix diving is a very expensive activity costing approx US$1.00 per breath at 100meters and offshore charter boat fees of around US$1,000 per day minimum.
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Thank you very much for your consideration, Wreck Diver/Engineer:- Steve Burton “B2”

Thank you very, very much for your consideration,

Wreck Diver/Engineer:- Steve Burton “B2”

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