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Koh Chang

HTMS Chang LST-2, (USN LST-898)

HTMS Chang photo Main Online archive for this vessel Vessel Name: HTMS Chang Vessel Nationality: Thai Type of Vessel: Landing Ship Tank (LST) Depth to Wreck in Meters: 3 Depth to Seabed in Meters: 32 Location eg Gulf of Siam: Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand WGS Co-ordinates North: 11°53’41.48″N WGS Co-ordinates East: 102°15’26.94″E Length (m): 117 Width (m): 15 Tonnage: 1651 Number of Props: 2 How the Vessel Sunk?: On November 22, 2012, HTMS Chang was scuttled to make an artificial reef for […]

HTMS Chonburi HTMS Songkra

HTMS Songkla (No 33) HTMS Thonburi, a.k.a Dhonburi (No 34). Written by Stephen Burton The HTMS Thonburi was 76 m x 14 m. The torpedo boat wreckss at Koh Chang HTMS Chonburi and HTMS Songkla were 67 x 6,5 m. [ Koh Chang ] depth 5-12meters; air diving HTMS Thonburi and HTMS Songkra 17 มกราคม พุทธศักราช 2484 เข้าทำการรบกับ หมู่เรือรบฝรั่งเศสที่เกาะช้าง ในกรณีพิพาทอินโดจีน ฝรั่งเศส ร.ล.ธนบุรี ถูกหมู่เรือรบฝรั่งเศสยิง และ แล่นมาจมที่แหลมงอบ แล้วได้กู้ขึ้นมาในภายหลัง Thai Translation:- ‘On the 17 January 2448 Buddhist Era (1941 CE) came to fight […]…

Koh Chang Cargo #1

Koh Chang Cargo Ship Written by Stephen Burton discovered 3rd May 2008 depth 40 meters Technical Diving Starts up on Koh Chang. Information and pictures courtesy of Mat Wilcox & David Polley VESSEL_NATIONALITY: UNKNOWN TYPE_OF_VESSEL: Cargo Ship DEPTH_WRECK: 40 DEPTH_SEABED: 55 LOCATION: Gulf of Siam, South West Koh Chang GPS_NORTH: KNOWN GPS_EAST: KNOWN WRECK_LENGTH: 50 WRECK_WIDTH: 8 WRECK_TONS: 0 WRECK_PROPS: 2 BOTTOM_CONDITION: Mud/sand SENDER_EMAIL: SENDER_DIVESHOP_EMAIL: SENDER_DIVESHOP_URL: authorisation_code: 78726329 SUBMIT_KEY: Submit Date: Saturday, May 03, 2008 […]

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