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Ocean Dream Cruise ship

OCEAN DREAM SHIPWRECK The Gulf of Siam’s biggest shipwreck  Sunk 28 February 2016 aka ‘Spirit of London, 1972-1974, Sun Princess, 1974-1988, Majestic, Starship Majestic, 1988-1994 Southern Cross, 1995-1998 Flamenco, New Flamenco, Flamenco-1, 2008-1010 Ocean Dream, 2012-2016 Ocean Dream(1972-2016) on wiki Written by Stephen Burton  (Pattaya, Thailand) Dive Details The wreck lays on her port side partialy submerged in 12 meters of water 1nm distant of the North end of Laem Chabang breakwater in the main anchorage Suitable for air, nitrox, wreck penetration diving […]


THAI NAVY VESSEL 731 HTMS Kut (Former USS LSM-333) Written by Stephen Burton (Nr Koh Sak, Pattaya Bay) Location North12,57.1  East100,48.1 Depth 30meters ; suitable for air, nitrox, technical Wreck Penetration Diving Computer generated image of Royal Thai Navy sister ship LSM#732 courtesy of Mr Alex Beuchel, Used with permission The sinking pictures…(click for Hi-Res Megabyte images) Sinking Picture sequence courtesy of Mr. Charlie Frost. used with permission “Down she goes” 10:30am 17 September 2006 Further information on US Navy […]

HTMS Khraam

THAI NAVY VESSEL 732 (Former USS LSM-469) Written by Stephen Burton (Pattaya) Depth 28meters ; suitable for air, nitrox, technical diving Computer generated image courtesy of Mr Alex Beuchel, Used with permission “Down she goes” Courtesy Bangkok Post Article 1st Feb 2003 The sinking pictures… HTMS Khram Wreck Penetration Pictures – Courtesy of Oliver Zaiser Dec 2007 Gauges in the engine room – yes they were still there even in August 2009 – Courtesy of Charlie Frost Further information on […]

Hardeep Wreck

The Wreck of the Steamship Suddhadib Written by Stephen Burton a.k.a. The ‘Hardeep’ shipwreck (An Anglicization of Suthathip, or S.S. Suddhadib) (Pattaya, Thailand) Wreck GPS Location:- N012’31.5, E100’57.5. Near Koh Chuang, Gulf of Siam Vessels name:- Suthathip, Registration:-Thai, Sunk:- 1st June 1945 Depth=26meters ; Suitable for Air, Nitrox, technical diving click any image above for HIRES 1MB .jpg image All Computer generated images courtesy of Mr Alex Beuchel, Used with permission. click image for 200K image. Click HERE for […]


  H.T.M.S. Sarasin – ex PC 495 Written by Stephen Burton Much information on this page is courtesy of More information and pictures online at PC-461 Class Submarine Chaser: Laid down, 10 June 1941 by the Dravo Corp., Neville Island, Pittsburgh, PA; Launched, 30 December 1941; Commissioned USS PC-495, 23 April 1942; Transferred to the Foreign Liquidation Commission, 10 May 1947; Transferred to Thailand in 1951 as HTMS Sarasin (PC 1); Sunk as a target. Specifications: Displacement 280 […]

Playboy 3

Playboy 3 Written by Stephen Burton Disaster at sea: cargo ship and oil tanker collide (This wreck has been fully salvaged) One crewman feared dead The Thai cargo ship Heron and the Honduran oil tanker Playboy 3 collided in international waters, about 32 miles from Sattahip’s Chuang Island on September 12 at approximately 6:50 a.m. One crewman from the Playboy 3 went missing and is feared dead. After colliding with the Heron, Playboy 3 slowly sank in the Gulf of […]

Petchburi Bremen

The Petchburi Bremen Also known as the Siamese Steamship Co Vessel ‘Kaew Samud’ Dive photos, information 2005 by Stephen Burton All historical museum, shipyard & newpaper research  © Jørn Albjerg 2018 Depth 22meters ;Suitable for air, nitrox, tecnical diving SS Petchaburi / Kaeo Samud (German Maritime Museum (Deutsches Schifffahrtsmuseum(DSM)) in Bremerhafen) Steamship P E T C H A B U R I New name s.s. KAEO SAMUD Intern. Call sign  Q H J T Shipyard  Georg Seebeck AG, Bremerhaven, Germany Yard […]

HTMS Nakha

HTMS Nakha (Former US Navy LCS 102) Written by Stephen Burton click any of the images above to download Hi-Res scan(approx 150kByte) of the thumbnail image The original article published by Pattaya Mail, Thailand is available online at  & This ship was NOT sunk as a wreck, but is included within this web site due to it’s functional similarity to other wrecks found in Thai waters. LCS-102 was build by the US Navy in 1945 and saw active […]

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